Possibilities during the session:


Before you book a session with Me better read the list of possibilities and also the things that are not possible with Me. Do not bother me with questions that I already answered over here!

What is possible:

And what isn’t possible:

Escort is not possible with me !!!

Sex is not possible whit me !!!

Poop/Shit/Copra is not possible with me !!!

Bring an ID with you when you come meet me! I do not receive visitors under 21 years!

Animal abuse it is not tolerated by Mistress Emma!!! So no animals allowed on my playground!

Mistress Emma - possibilities
Mistress Emma Possibilities
Mistress Emma - possibilities
Mistress Emma - possibilities

And now the answers to the  questions i receive daily

What can I expect from a session with Mistress Emma?

– All possibilities you can find in the section possibilities in this website. If you want something that you can’t see there just give me a call and found out!

Can we exchange pics in WhatsApp/ Can we chat there?

– I use my WhatsApp ONLY for appointments. No pics there, no chat there! I am a busy lady, if you have questions for me – give me a call. If you want to see me – come meet me alive!

I want to meet you in 30 – 45 min. Is this possible?

– No, most of the times this is not possible because I don’t live in my working place. I need time to arrange the appointment and to get to my place. And sometimes I am just busy. Give me a call at least few days before you come to meet me and I will make sure that I am available for you!

Can I bring my own clothes, shoes, toys

– My place is fully equipped, I believe I have everything for one amazing BDSM session, but if you have your own fetish stuff, just bring it there and show it to me. We can use them too.