Phone / WhatsApp


If you want to book an appointment with me you can give me a call every day 9:00 till 24:00.

I use my Whatsapp ONLY for appointments! That means no chat there. In case that you have any questions just give me a call.

I do not respond to SMS!

Often I receive calls, from slaves who want to meet me in 30 or 45 minutes. This is most of the times just not possible for me. I am in my working place ONLY when I have an appointment. You have to understand that I need time to get to my working place. Also, I need time to prepare my studio and myself before our session. Sometimes I am just busy and I can’t meet you right away. That’s why you have to give me a call at least few days before you come meet me. If you do so, I will let you know what time the next I am free and I can meet you.

Online contact with Mistress Emma

If you want to chat with me before you come meet me alive, this is also possible. I am online on Mostly in the evenings where you can found me and have a nice long chat with me. There I will be happy to explain to you everything that is possible during the session. I there will also answer all your questions, and eventually will give you my email, where you can send me your expectations and request. In my online chat room, you can see me and get to know me better before you come to visit me alive. You can also turn on your web camera, so I can see you too. If you deserve it, I will turn on my microphone, so you will be able to hear my voice.

My email is known from slaves that deserve to have it. I read emails ONLY from the slaves that I already know and I want to give them some of my time.

You can found me in few BDSM studios in The Hague. My working places are clean, comfortable and discrete. If you make an appointment with me you will meet only me there. No other ladies, nor other customers.

When you come visit me you must to have an ID with you. No visitors under 21 years old are allowed to book a session with me! Animals are not allowed in the building!