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Mistress Emma – New Website

My new website is almost ready, the first steps are made.I am a professional Mistress based in the Hague.Mistress Emma - blond, strong, demanding Mistress, active in The Hague. In my studio, I offer a different kind of kinky BDSM sessions. Do you dare to step in my dungeon, slave?

And of course you are always welcome to visit my Blog, where you can get a lot of useful info about BDSM, Domination, submission, as well as some stories of my sessions and so much more! What are you waiting for? Just click the button below!

Mistress Emma recensies in Domina blog - Mistress Emma received a recencie in Domina blog

Mistress Emma on international listing - Mistress Emma is listed on the international list of Mistresses and Dominas.

New photos of Mistress Emma.Hello, Slaves! I know that you expected me to show you my new location. Fully equipped BDSM house. And of course, the accent as always is on me - strong, demanding Mistress. No more waiting!!! Finally, I am ready to show it to you. Enjoy the photos.

New Session Story. I have a new story for one of my latest sessions, sent to me, which I upload. Have fun reading it, slaves! You will find it on my blog!

New session story. The new story for one of my last session in November is waiting for you slaves to read it on my blog! Have fun!


Book your session now, before i leave again and let you waiting and waiting for me to return!!!


Spoil me, beware i am a Goddess a Mistress a Dominatrix! Do not show yourself empty handed !


Every mistake has a price, do not make me show it to you before you even enter my Dungeon!

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