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With this certificate, I give myself, my body, my mind and my soul to my Mistress! Therefore I become completely hers. Hereby I admit that I need Mistress Emma’s guidance so badly that I come to realize that I must offer her the most precious and valuable possession I have in this world – myself. In this way, I hopefully will show her that without her I am lost. I don’t know what to do, or how to behave. So I better lose my life then I would lose her. Mylady, please take the ownership and accept my humble gesture! 


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 On my way to meet Mistress Emma I stopped at the flower shop to buy her black roses. At least I needed a present to bring my Mistress in a good mood as I knew I had been so stupid: I had looked, just out of curiosity, at the website of another mistress and I know I had to tell her. Honestly, that is what Mistress Emma wants from me so I had to come clean and take the consequences of my stupid behavior.

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I was extremely confident when I went to see my Mistress last week. As you can imagine I had really lived up to my task, was caged in and had the keys attached to a little gift. She would love to play with me I was sure. But this little voice in my head should have warned me louder: She will punish you, She will.

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I was nervous when I walked up the stairs to the room of Mistress Emma. Nervous as I was not sure whether she would accept my story or not. It was only a fort night ago since she gave me a clear and not too difficult task: “do not touch yourself, do not relief yourself when you think of me till we meet again for our next session”. Straightforward, clear words, so nothing I could not understand.

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It was International Women’s Day when my Mistress sends me a message ordering me to come and to serve her. What a privilege to serve her on this special day where women all around the world are to be worshiped and adored.With a small tasteful gift in my hands, I knocked on the door of Mylady’s studio. Mistress Emma opened the door and I could see she was furious and she ordered me to leave. 

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It was a sunny and perfect day to visit my beautiful Mistress Emma. But while stepping out of the sun into the dark shadow of the studio I was already wondering what She would have in her dominant mind for me this time.When she opened the door her stunning appearance instantly took my breath away. Dressed in shining black leather showing her beautiful female curves and slender body. High black boots with the longest heels I have ever seen, her long blond hair but above all her dominant eyes and her female but also dominating voice.

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I am my Mistress’ number 1 slave and I am extremely proud to be that number 1 on her list. But Mylady was not that satisfied with me. For her birthday, I promised her a session with a totally free hand: do whatever you please and I will go along. I need to be honest! Unfortunately, I couldn’t deliver as she used a whip that brought me to my knees almost immediately and I used the safe word very quickly to end the incredible pain. Well, you can imagine Mylady called me back. She wanted to discuss this with me and as she demands continuous improvement, she demanded a new session where I should deliver.

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When I met Mylady online the last time She, like always was nice, pretty (I should say beautiful) and full of understanding for my problems, my demands, and my needs. At the end of our nice long chat, Mylady gave me, like normally, a task, an order or an assignment so you will: do not relief yourself when you think of me.

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Looking back at my last visit to my Mistress I wonder, how does she do it every time again? I know she is an ultimate professional Dominatrix but nevertheless, she amazes me every time I am allowed to visit her. Let me tell you what happened during my visit in August 2017.

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Did I like the last session with Mistress Emma? No, I did not! Was I rewarded by Mistress Emma and thus satisfied? No, I was not! Was it right though what happened this time? Oh yes, for sure it was!During my education and training to obtain my submissive role, Mylady found out something was wrong, something was blocking my development. 

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