Mistress Emma the Hague, foto

Gifts for Mistress Emma

Do you want to make sure that I will remember you? You want to show Me that you appreciate the time that I am gonna spend with you? Do you want to put a smile on My face? Then surprise me with a nice gift! Do not ask me over the phone what can you get me. I made a list of the things that you can buy for me. Read it carefully and pick something from it. You want to surprise me but you don't want to use the list... hmm This can be a challenge. If you think you know me good enough then you can pick something for me, but if you are not sure - better just use the list. Make the right choice easy! Give Me the gift right after you walk in my room! Make me feel special at the moment when you enter! This may help you during the session...


My shoe size is 35!


Radley Bayer Bangle Watch




Jennifer Behr earrings with a teardrop shape and brilliant Swarovski crystals