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On this section on my website, I put a list on the sites where I advertise. Also here you are gonna found links to my own websites. Some of the links and listings change troughout time, since I advertise on different places. Also you can request your own link, website or webshop to be listed on this section of my website. Contact me for further details. My contact information is located under the contact page of my website. Link exchange is mendatory if you want to find yourself listed here. 

I advertise on different platforms all over Europe and USA. Curently I receive my guests in the Netherlands. I have possibilitie to travel to Belgium and Germany. if you want a session at your country, you must request it in advance and give me the proper time to prepare for it. 

BDSM Dungeons and studios are also welcome to advertise on my website. Contact me for further info.

Webshops and website outside of The Netherlands are also welcome to advertise here. 

This is not a place for escort, prive houses and purely sex related services. All of my webistes are purelly BDSM related. That means I will gladly list BDSM locations, atributes and other websites in that general industry.

My Dutch website as well as my huge blog you will find right underneeth. Feel free to visit it and study it as well, so you are well prepared for the kind of sessions I held  and the possibilities with me!


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