Shoes for Mistress Emma

My shoe size is 35.5 – 36

I am a Dominatrix, a Goddess and nevetheless however a woman! And as every woman I love heels, high heels, extremely high heels! What do i mean? Have a look down my page and surprise me!

Sandals for Mistress Emma

Can you imagine how your Devine Mistress will looks like on those shoes? Or what would be the feeling of being under them while i wear them? Hmm interesting question indeed. But there is an easy way of answering it, don’t you think, slave?

Sandals for Mistress Emma
Gift for Mistress Emma

Gift for Mistress Emma

Hmm, are you gonna enjoy licking these shoes clean? And what about sucking my extremely high heel, slave? Well what are you waiting for?

Amazing shoes for a Divine lady!

I must admit i had one of those a while ago, but unfortunately i broke my heel or better to say i use them to kick and punish a slave of mine, and they simply could not handle it!!!

Amazing shoes for Mistress Emma

My shoe size is 35

Shoes, shoes, shoes

I m a Mistress, a Goddess, but nevertheless a woman.

And as every independent woman with the finest taste, I love to wear high heels!  Those accessory make me feel strong and beautiful. And for sure I love the way everyone is looking at me when I walk. I love the attention. The fantasies I create into every man’s head only with my appearance increased my adrenalin and feed my ego.

The high heeled shoes make my perfect body looks even tighter and taller. And often when I see an attractive man around me, I can’t help myself and I demonstrate my catwalk. Just for fun. Because I love the attention. I love to be adored. To be spoiled. If they dare to come near me and try to talk to me I cut them off, and I enjoy this so much. At first to let them think that they might come to talk to me, and then when they finally dare to do so to laugh at them, to humiliate them, to make them confused and ashamed! To make them feel small and useless. 

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