Mistress Emma Possibilities

Shoes for Mistress Emma

My shoe size is 35

I am a Dominatrix, a Goddess and nevetheless however a woman! And as every woman I love heels, high heels, extremely high heels! What do i mean? Have a look down my page and surprise me!

Sandals for Mistress Emma

Can you imagine how your Devine Mistress will looks like on those shoes? Or what would be the feeling of being under them while i wear them? Hmm interesting question indeed. But there is an easy way of answering it, don't you think, slave?

Shoes for Mistress Emma
Shoes for Mistress Emma

Beyond shoes for a Divine Lady!

Spoil me, slave, prove your devotion to me! Prove yourself worthy of my time and attention! Do not show for your session empty handed!

Just close your eyes for a second. Now imagine yourself laying down on my cold floor. Now imagine me - The Divine Mistress Emma walking you over in those shoes. Can you feel my weight? Can you feel my heels digging holes in your skin...

Shoes for Mistress Emma
Shoes for Mistress Emma

Lets play a game, slave. Let us imagine you are in my Suite. You are on your knees, bow your head before me as a sign of utmost respect and obedience. Then you happen to notice my extremely high heeled shoes so close to you. Do you feel already the desire to touch them? To feel them in your hands? Perhaps to kiss and lick them...

Now these shoes looks magnificent, doesn't they? The only thing left to add to them is perhaps a slave, ready to lick them shiny...

Shoes for Mistress Emma
Shoes for Mistress Emma

So blod!

So Beautiful!

The absolute must have for me.

Don't you think slave? Does it matter what you think? I Didn't think so! Just take my word for it, and hurry up ordering them for your one and only Goddess!!!

What a better way to complete my leather look, then a pair of this beauties? Leather choker, leather corset, pretty tight, so i barely breath in it, leather pants, hugging every curve of my body and...

Shoes for Mistress Emma
fairy tail shoes for Mistress Emma

One more example of my kinky taste.

This shoes will make my beautiful feet look endless! Isn't this amazing? I can't wait to see put them on...

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