Necklace for Mistress Emma 

You slave misbehave, or haven't been around for in while? Then don't you come to meet me empty handed. Apologies properly to your Mistress! Step in my studio and get down on your knees right away. Do not say a word! Just humbly offer me your gift, and wait to hear if you are forgiven!!!

I am frequently asked what is my favorite thing about the opposite sex. My answer is pretty much the same through the years - THEIR OBEDIENCE! So slave, be a good little boy, follow the link below and purchase a little gift for your only Goddess!


Mixed Cluster Necklace 

1 - 2 - 3 What are you waiting for, slave? This necklace won't order itself! Grab your credit card and use it for something important this time! Fulfill your duties and please your Mistress, instead of pleasing yourself!

Being in control 100% of the time is the craziest thing in the world! The most powerful drug! The tastiest liquor. Once tasted, there is no way back. It just flows in my veins! It drives me back in My Dungeon, no matter where I am or what I do. I just know I will be back for more...

There is nothing on earth quite as delicious as the hunger of a Mistress!!!

There are those rare moments when whatever the position of the body the soul is on its knees...

I bet every one of you slaves can name at least a few

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