Stunning earrings for a stunning Lady

Attract trilogy earrings for Mistress Emma

Surprise your Mistress with a gift she likes. Show me your total devotion to me, your desire to serve me and make me happy! Treat me well slave, and you may be rewarded after all!!! 

Beautifull, brite, stunning, amazing...

Do I need to continue? The similarities between Me - Mistress Emma, and those earrings are obvious, aren't they?

Jennifer Behr Violet Dangle Earrings

My love to jewelery is limitless. Do I need it all, hmm do I need it all? Well, who cares! The accurate question here is do I want it all? Can you guess the correct answer? I most certainly know it - Yes, yes, yes! The more the merrier, the britter, the better!!!

You want to surprise me, but you have no idea what would i like? Luckily for you I have made a list with a few things that grab my attention so far. Dive right in, and enjoy yourself, while looking for the best gift for your stunning Mistress!


By my opinion they truly are. So strong, so brite. They are very few things in the world that can really stop my breath for a second, and here you have an example of one of them. Let us just adore them for a minute, before you order them and offer them to me...

Aren't those just calling my name? So beautiful, so shiny, so playful... The very image of fine taste, with just the right amount of spice...

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