Bracelet for Mistress Emma

Tiny compliment for Mistress Emma 

I am a Mistress, a Dominatrix, a Goddess and nonetheless a woman. As every woman i love jewels. So slave, do not lose a second more. here are some examples of what i like. 

Sterling silver bracelet for Mistress Emma 

You want to get me a gift by your choice? Brave decision, but very risky. If you don't know me well slave, just stuck to my wishlist!

Mini Birkin Amulette bracelet FOR MISTRESS EMMA

We talk so much about your fetishes here, don't we , slave? Let's talk about mine for a change. What gets me excited? What seems to work for me every time? Money, gifts, proper attitude. Those are some of the things I find very attractive. What else? Come to meet me, serve me well, prove yourself to me and maybe you will be lucky enough to figure it out. Or maybe not. Need I say more? I didn't think so...

Your body is My canvas. What am i gonna do with it? Whatever i please of course. Can you bribe me, do anything to calm me, to slow me down? You can most certainly try...

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