Fearless boots

Do not ask me what i like or what can you get me! Just follow the links i placed here for you and make me the gift i already choose and approve! 

Boots for Mistress Emma

Hand me the gift at the moment you walk in my Suite. Do not wait till the end of the sessions. This can be helpful for you, or maybe not. 

I call those the Speechless boots. Why? I believe once you see me in those you will need a few min to gather your strength and put yourself together, before you are able to do anything....

speechless shoes for Mistress emma
Boots for Mistress Emma

How far can a woman go in her desire to be extraordinary? To look stunning, Divine? When is enough? I have the answer to this question - SKY'S THE LIMIT!!!

I must admit, I already own the black pair of this exact model, as well as the bloody red once, as some of you may have noticed. But is this gonna stop Me from wanting more? Especially when i see this innocent white colour?

Hell, no!!!


Once i was asked: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

My honest answer was: I have no idea!

My kinky shoes makes me happy, so do not lose any more time, slave! place your order now and put a smile on my face ! You know you want to!

What do you do when you know you fail your assignment given to you by Mistress? What do you do when you know you must present yourself before her and admit your failure? when you know she will be so furious with you, she will destroy your body and mind all together and leave you helpless, worthless, broken? I have an idea for you, You better come well prepared. Will a gift such this spare the horrifying punishment? Probably not! Would it help? Perhaps it will up to a certain level.


My boot size is 35.5 - 36

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