Mistress Emma's Auction 

My favorites

Slave during my work I created a special collection with outfits I love. Find out the most nice BDSM outfits, boots and shoes. Look at favorites. I receive so many requests of a slaves of mine, who wants to have some of my favorite outfit, or shoes or juweliers. Well here it comes, now you can have it. The samples i show here are unique, because they are all been worn by me in some of my most exiting session! Each and every item has a unique historie...







Lingerie / Nylons 




For orders just give me a call! 

If you like something here and you want to order it, just give me call, explain what did you choose, and i will inform you how you can have it!

Are you ready to have some of my favorite possessions? Do you want to have them, touch them, smell them...

Well this is finally possible for you. It is so easy to be done. You are just a step away from it. What are you waiting for? Make the call, place your order and enjoy!!!


You can also message me. Be aware i respond to my messages one a week! 

This is your chance to get closer to me - your Mistress, even when you are thousands miles away from me. You may keep my nylons in your pocket and carry me with you wherever you are. 

Mistress Emma 

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