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How can I contact you?

The best way to contact me is simply to give me a call. If I do not pick up my phone right away I will give you a call back later when I am available. I use my WhatsApp ONLY for appointments. No chat, no pictures there! If you want to chat with me before you come visit me alive – call me and I will let you know how and when you can do that.

Mistress Emma. FAQ

Can I come meet you within 30 min?

This is not possible. Your Mistress Has a busy agenda I do not live in my studio. I need time to get there and so do you. Give me a call at least a few days before you come to meet me so I can let you know when in the coming days I am available. 

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Can I have a session for 30 min?

This is not possible. I need my time to tell you how this is going to work, to give you the safe words, to hear about your limits and taboos. Then you are gonna take a shower and this 30 min are gone. For a successful BDSM session, I need at least 1.5 – 2 hours. For a good session, I will recommend 2.5 – 4 hours.

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Is your place discreet?

Yes. I will book a session for us before I get there so I can make sure that we will be alone. From the moment when I open the door for you till the moment when I walk you out of my dungeon, it will be just me and you. No other ladies, no other customers. No one there to help you out!

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Can I have an outdoor session?

No, I play only in My studio. I am a Mistress! I need equipment, I need a proper atmosphere to perform a great session.

Can I park my car there?

Yes, you can park just at the front of the studio or in some of the streets nearby.

Mistress Emma in the Hague, Meesteres Emma FAQ

I have my own outfits, toys, shoes… Can I bring them?

Sure! Feel free to show me all your kinky tools. However, it is I who decides whether we will use them or not.

Can I come a bit early / late for our session?

I book an appointment for our session in my studio, so the time for which I pay starts at the time I have booked. No matter if you are there or not. Therefore you can’t be late, other ways you will pay more and play less. I am in my studio only when I have an appointment. If you come there early you won’t find me there. So better be there exactly on time, or suffer the consequences. 

Can I stay longer if I like the session?

No this is not possible. I have my own busy agenda and sometimes I have a few sessions one after another. So, think carefully before you book a session, and once after you come be aware that you are gonna stay as long as planned. 

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I book a session but I won’t be able to make it. Should I call and cancel it?

Of course, you should give me a call and explain yourself. I can understand that sometimes something comes up, and you are simply not able to come. But if you do not call, if you just lose my time you automatically get on my black list and you are no longer able to visit me. Never!

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Do you offer sessions together with another Mistress?

Yes, this is possible. Just call me and discuss the possibilities.

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What you don’t offer?

Sessions with a slave younger than 21 years.

Drugs are not tolerated in my playground.

Sessions with animals.

Outdoor sessions.




Mistress Emma, The Hague, Possibilities

Do you receive slaves, who do not have any experience at all?

Yes. It is a great pleasure for me to walk them into this magic world of BDSM!

Do you receive couples?

Yes, but I have to talk with both partners and to be sure that they both want to have this experience together. If this is the case, I will be pleased to welcome and teach them how to play with themselves and enjoy the games!



Which one of all the games that you offer is your favorite?

I like domination and control. Of course, I like mind games. But I can’t say that I have a favorite game. It is mostly a feeling for me. The way that the slave is looking at me waiting to show him some mercy. Also, the moment when I break him. And the adrenaline which I take from the game. It is a combination of games, expectations and my slave’s response. It can not be only in one simple act. Not for me.